CBSE Hindi


Hindi is a basic subject and this subject is included in each CBSE syllabus in a requisite manner. The CBSE board is known for its well-prepared syllabi and other valuable learning materials. Most importantly, the board takes requisite measures to make education adoptable for all students. Hence, it prepares suitable Hindi syllabus for all classes. The board analyzes the students’ learning ability and based on that, it chooses right Hindi topics for each class. Each Hindi syllabus of CBSE board is methodical and comprehensive and hence, it is beneficial for students. The prescribed topics and sub-topics are arranged in each syllabus in a proper order. Moreover, this website offers adequate information about Hindi subject. In brief, it assists students in learning Hindi according to their academic standard.

Learning Hindi is needed for every student as it is the widely spoken language in India. Person with sound knowledge in Hindi can go any part of the India and can communicate with others easily. Learning Hindi is beneficial for everyone as through this language, anybody can communicate with millions of people spread around the country. Hindi is extensively used in tourism industry. Additionally, people, who are involved in trade, commerce, film industry, aviation and media, must know Hindi. This language is quite easier to learn and hence, people can adopt this language fast.

Based on the phonetic spelling, Hindi script is formed and therefore, it is written in the same way as each letter is pronounced. Hence, it is said that learning Hindi is easier than other language. It is quite straightforward and simple. The CBSE board has made useful syllabus for this subject as per students’ standard. Additionally, Hindi worksheets, Hindi sample papers are also useful for students.

The usefulness of this website:

•    Through this website students can learn Hindi in a systematic manner.
•    Hindi is a simple language, but while learning Hindi students need a proper guidance and hence, students are advised to follow this website.
•    Hindi worksheets are valuable and students can get worthwhile Hindi worksheets in this site and they can work on these as per their requirements.

KG 1 Hindi Worksheet KG 2 Hindi Worksheet
                 KG 1 Hindi Worksheet                    KG 2 Hindi Worksheet

CBSE Hindi Literature

The CBSE board chooses the right Hindi texts for students to give them a thorough understanding about the subject. The board analyzes students’ learning capability and based on that, it selects the relevant topics and includes these topics by maintaining a proper order. Hence, students get detailed knowledge from each CBSE Hindi syllabus. Most importantly, in the CBSE board, the Hindi topics or texts means Gadya and Kavyansh are ideally chosen by the proficient subject experts to enhance students’ reading, writing and comprehension skills. Moreover, students get some interesting texts (Gadya and Kavyansh) in Hindi and they are advised to go through these to enhance their flair for the language.

CBSE Hindi Grammar

Grammar is the basic of each subject. Students should learn grammar thoroughly to understand a subject. Hindi is a simple subject and students should learn the grammar part of this subject to understand this thoroughly. The CBSE board has prepared some well-structured Hindi worksheets for students. The board covers each grammar chapter including Bhasha, Varnamala, Shabd and Vaakya, Sangyaa, Sangyaa Vikaar, Sarvanaam, Vishesan and others. Moreover, CBSE Hindi grammar worksheets are quite methodical and well-standardized. Therefore, students are advised to practice these to gain detailed understanding in this subject.

CBSE Hindi Worksheets

Worksheets are generally designed to give students a clear idea about different topics and sub-topics included in the syllabus. Based on the updated syllabus, the subject experts usually prepare worksheets and students are advised to practice these worksheets after completion of their entire syllabus so that they can get a clear perception in each topic. Additionally, by practicing worksheets, students can revise their syllabus in a thorough manner. Sometimes, students get doubts and in that time, they should practice worksheets as only worksheets can give them requisite information in each topic. CBSE Hindi worksheets are valuable in all manners as these are ideally designed by keeping in mind the students’ learning ability and current educational demands. Apart from the worksheets designed on the basis of prescribed chapters, the grammar worksheets are also available.