The word or letter which is added to the end of a particular word to form a new word is known as pratyaya (प्रत्यय) (Suffix). In other words, a letter or a word, which is used at the end of a word and changes its meaning, is called as pratyaya. For example, The word ‘Pankaj’ (पंकज) is a combination of ‘Panka’ (पंक) and ‘j’ (ज).  Here,’j’ is suffix. In Hindi language, ‘Panka’ means ‘Kichad’ (कीचड़) (Mud) and ‘Pankaj’ (पंकज) means ‘Kamal’ (कमल)(Lotus).

There are two types of Pratyaya:

1. Krit Pratyaya (कृत प्रत्यय) : Krit pratyaya is generally added to verb. For example, ‘aaee’ (आई) is a pratyaya and if it is added to a word ‘ladh’ (लड़). The word will be ‘ladh’+ ‘aaee’ = Ladhaee (लड़ाई). 

2. Tadhith Pratyaya (तद्धित प्रत्यय) : Tadhith Pratyaya is added to different words that are not verb. For example, ‘aaee’ (आई) is added to a word ‘accha’ (अच्छा). The new word will be ‘accha’+ ‘aaee’ = Acchaee (अच्छाई).

Examples of Pratyaya (Suffix)

Pratyaya (प्रत्यय) (Suffix)
Shabd (शब्द) (Word) 
 Udaharan Shabd (उदहारण शब्द) (Example Word)
 Ee (ई)  Aagyan (अज्ञान)  Aagyanee (अज्ञानी) (Ignorant)
 Aahatt (आहट)  Chilla (चिल्ला)  Chillaahatt (चिल्लाहट) (Shouting)
 Akkad (अक्कड)  Bhul (भूल)  Bhulakkad (भुलक्कड़) (Forgetful)
 Aauna (औना)  Khel (खेल)  Khilauna (खिलौना) (Toy)
 Aaee (आई)  Likh (लिख)  Likhaaee (लिखाई) (Writing)