The word, which is added at the beginning of a particular word and it changes its meaning is known as upsarg (उपसर्ग) (Prefix). For example, ‘Para’ (परा) is a upsarg and when it is combine with a word like ‘Para’ (परा) + ‘Jeet’ (जीत) = Parajeet (पराजित). It becomes a new word i.e. Parajeet (Defeated).

Examples of Upsarg (उपसर्ग) (Prefix)

Upsarg (Prefix)   Words formed with Prefix 
 Pra (प्र)  Pra (प्र) + Bal (बल) = Prabal (प्रबल) 
 Pra (प्र)  Pra (प्र) + Saar (सार) = Prasaar (प्रसार)
 Ap (अप)  Ap (अप) + Maan (मान) = Apmaan (अपमान) 
 Bhar (भर)  Bhar (भर) + Maar (मार) = Bharmaar (भरमार)
 A (अ)  A (अ) + Chet (चेत) = Achet (अचेत)