CBSE Hindi Literature


The CBSE board emphasizes on Hindi learning and with this objective, the board has included Hindi as a language subject in the syllabi of all classes. It is largely spoken in India especially in the northern region. Students with no knowledge or little knowledge of Hindi language start Hindi learning with alphabets, words, sounds, expressions. It helps them to construct Hindi sentences or Devanagari script in a correct manner. For elementary level, the board focuses on vocabulary building, grammar skills and also word pronunciation of students. CBSE Hindi literature is broadly defined in two important parts one is Gadya and another is Padya. Gadya is prose, which is usually written in the form of short stories and short passages. However, padya is poetry that is aesthetically written by the great poets. Many reputed Hindi poets express their ideas, feelings, thoughts and messages through poems. The CBSE board has added Hindi literature in the elementary level as well as in the higher level courses in order to enhance students’ basic Hindi skills and to make them aware about Gadyansh and Kavyansh of Hindi literature.

CBSE Hindi Gadya

The CBSE board strives to build required Hindi skills of students through various study materials. The board has included moral based stories, biography of famous poets and authors in Hindi CBSE literature textbooks. The primary objective of the CBSE board is to develop students’ basic Hindi writing and reading skills. For elementary level, the board has structured the course materials in such a way that it helps students to understand the basic sounds, words, expressions of Hindi language concisely. A thorough knowledge of Hindi words, sounds and expressions will allow students to read, write as well as translate simple Hindi sentences appropriately. CBSE Hindi Gadya is a prose, which students learn to write and understand in classroom sessions. Hindi short stories and comprehension passages are usually written in Devanagari script, which is known as Gadyansh in Hindi literature.

CBSE Hindi Padya

The CBSE board encourages students in Hindi language learning. Hindi is an Indian language and a large number of people has adopted this as a medium of communication. In CBSE Hindi Padya, students learn poetry of the well-known poets. The texts of padya are usually rhythmic and lyrical that interest students in reading. Poets express their feelings, ideas and thoughts in a rhythmic form, which readers identify and relate themselves to those feelings or ideas. Padya is written in specific words by keeping clear rhyme and rhythm in the text. The CBSE board has included Padya in the curricula of all classes so as to give a deeper understanding to students about Hindi poems or Kavyansh. In Hindi CBSE literature, students will learn both Gadyansh and Kavyansh in a detail manner.