Hindi Padya


In the Hindi literature, padya or poems has high importance. It is considered as an expression of ideas, thoughts and feelings. Needless to say, every individual has feelings, which he or she expresses in different forms. Poetry is one of those mediums through which a person creatively conveys to others about his or her feelings and thoughts. Hindi poetry or Hindi kavita is a vital part of literature and various hindi padya words are taken from Urdu poetry.
Many poems in Hindi are dedicated to great rulers and warriors. In these types of poems, heroic deeds of warriors are aesthetically described by the poets. Besides this, devotional poems, bhakti kavyas and dohas are also written by renowned poets including Kabir, Tulsi das, Surdas, Meera bai, Malik Mohammad Jayasi, etc.

In the devotional period, the Hindi padya or poetry has been categorized into two parts one is Nirguna and another is Saguna. Nirgunas has a belief in formless god whereas Sagunas have faith in human incarnation of god. The CBSE board has incorporated several types of kavyas and dohas in the syllabi of all grades. By referring to Hindi literature, students can understand the history, origin, importance and essence of Hindi padya (kavita) or kavyansh in an effective manner.