CBSE Hindi Worksheets for Class 1


Hindi is considered as one of the official languages of India. The board has included this subject in the curriculum of class 1 with a purpose to give basic knowledge to students about Hindi language. In grade 1, students learn Hindi Varnamala (Alphabets) including vowels, consonants and number system. The board has designed useful Hindi worksheets for class 1 keeping in mind their learning capabilities. By using worksheets, students can get familiar with Hindi letters, words and their meanings. Worksheet comprises of different types of questions including filling in the blanks, missing letters, match the columns, word puzzles and arrangement of letters. It is an ideal learning resource for students to understand Hindi subject. With the help of worksheets, students learn Hindi in an interesting way. All worksheets are structured as per the syllabus prescribed by the CBSE board. Students can collect CBSE class 1 Hindi worksheets online and can understand a subject in an effective manner.  

Class 1 Hindi Worksheet
                 Class 1 Hindi Worksheet

CBSE Class 1 Hindi Varnamala Worksheets

The CBSE board designs essential learning resources for students. Worksheets are one of those resources that help students in understanding Hindi varnamala (alphabets) appropriately. CBSE board Hindi worksheets for class 1 are meant to give students in-depth knowledge about Hindi letters and words. By acquiring complete knowledge of Hindi letters and words, students can easily construct sentences and paragraphs. Worksheets are designed under the strict guidance of academic experts. These worksheets are designed in such a way that these will stimulate students’ interest in Hindi learning. Missing letters, puzzles, English words to Hindi words, match the column and filling the blanks are some of the interesting learning activities, which are incorporated in Hindi worksheets for grade 1 CBSE. Students can collect CBSE class 1 Hindi varnamala worksheets online.