CBSE Kahani Lekhan


Kahani lekhan (कहानी लेखन)  is better known as story writing. This form of writing is completely based on the writer’s imagination and ideas. A writer tries to put his ideas and imagination in the form of a story in order to inform, educate and amuse the readers. Many stories are also based on real facts or real incidents. 

Key points to remember while writing a short story. 

1. Introduction is the first and foremost part of any story. Write an introductory paragraph by mentioning the main character or an incident. 
2. A writer can talk about either a person or situation in an introductory paragraph. 
3. After the introduction part, write the event or an incident that will steadily reveal the turning point or climax. 
4. Climax is the most interesting part of a story that keeps the reader involves in reading.  
5. End the story with proper conclusion. 

In Hindi grammar, students get story writing in different forms like writing stories on the basis of idioms (मुहावरे) and proverb (लोकोक्ति). It is advisable for students to write story by keeping the main idea of an idiom or a proverb. The language should be simple and lively and should motivate the reader in reading. Practice and patience is the correct way of writing a good story.