CBSE Nibandh Lekhan in Hindi


Nibandh lekhan (निबंध लेखन) or essay writing is a well known form of writing through which an individual expresses his or her experience, thoughts or views on a particular topic. This form of writing is written in small paragraphs and in a step-by-step manner.

Types of Nibandh (निबंध) (Essay)

1. Varnathmak Nibandh (वर्णात्माक निबंध) (Descriptive Essay) 
2. Atmakathatmak Nibandh (आत्मकथात्मक निबंध) (Narrative Essay)
3. Kalpanathmak Nibandh (कल्पनात्मक निबंध) (Imaginative Essay)
4. Vicharathmak Nibandh (विचारात्मक निबंध) (Persuasive Essay) 

Tips for Nibandh Lekhan (Essay Writing)

1. Write an essay on topics that have lots of information. It will be easy for you to explain all the information in your own words. 
2. Niband or essay is generally categorized into three main paragraphs.  
a. Prasthavana (प्रस्तावना) (Introduction)
b. Vishya Vistaar (विषय विस्तार) (Explanation of Subject Matter)
c. Upsahaanr (उपसहांर) (Conclusion)
3. The introduction paragraph should be written in a convincing manner and it should involve the readers. 
4. It is ideal to use a quotation or some poetry lines in between the introduction paragraph. 
5. Try to explain your thoughts in simple words and grammatically correct sentences. 
6. It is good to use phrases in the middle paragraph.  
7. The conclusion paragraph should be written in such a way that it convinces the reader on what you are explaining.