CBSE Patra Lekhan in Hindi


Letter writing is well known as Patra Lekhan (पत्र लेखन) in Hindi. This form of writing can be written in a formal way as well as in an informal way. A person can easily communicate his or her thoughts through a letter (पत्र).
Besides this, it also helps an individual to convey necessary details to his or her seniors or managers in a better manner. A letter is also instrumental in conveying the message that an individual usually hesitate to express verbally. 

Types of Letter (पत्र के प्रकार)
  1. Business letters - व्यवसायिक पत्र 
  2. Official letters - अधिकारी वर्ग पत्र 
  3. Letter to editor - संपादक को पत्र 
  4. Personal letters - व्यक्तिगत पत्र 
Key points to remember for good letter writing. 
  • A letter (पत्र) should be written in simple language and it should be short, so that the person understands the message aptly.
  • The date (दिनांक) and the address (पता ) of the sender (प्रेषक) should be mentioned on the top left hand side of the page.
  • The next line should start with salutation like "Respected Sir" or "Madam" (आदरणीय, पूजनीय, श्रीमान). 
  • In a personal letter, the salutation is different like Dear friend (प्रिय मित्र, आयुष्मान, प्रियवर).  
  • The immediate line after the salutation should start with greetings like (नमस्ते, प्रणाम, नमस्कार, सादर प्रणाम
  • The next line should communicate the message clearly and concisely to the concerned person.  
  • Closing line should end with words like “Yours sincerely’’, "Your truly" (आज्ञाकारी, विश्वासपात्र, शुभचिन्तक)  

Knowing the format of letter writing is quite advantageous for students. They learn to communicate their thoughts, concerns, issues and personal messages in a proper manner. Through a letter, an individual can emphasize on a particular issue, can request something to their seniors in a formal way. Moreover, they can convey important messages to their near and dear ones.