CBSE Samvad Lekhan


Samvaad lekhan (संवाद लेखन) is dialogue writing. In this form of writing, dramatic conversation between two people are explained in an appropriate manner. In Hindi subject, (संवाद लेखन) samvaad lekhan plays a major role in describing the verbal conversation of two or more characters. This is a creative form of writing and it's main objective is to involve readers in reading for a long time. Let us follow some tips and tricks that will help students in writing samvaad (संवाद) in a coherent manner.
1. The prime objective of samvaad lekhan is to portray a real scene in readers’ mind. A writer should set the scene through his or her writing so that it will sound real to readers.
2. Write an introductory sentence that should give a fair idea to readers about the role of protagonist as well as  the role of supporting characters.  
3. It is ideal to explain the conversation in a proper manner like describing the exact role of each character by mentioning their name. Besides, inform the reader about each character's relationships with others.   
4. Keep the right tone while writing a samvaad or dialogue. Explain the conversation of characters in few words, but it should be understandable to readers. 
5. Choices of word matters a lot in dialogue writing or samvaad lekhan (संवाद लेखन). The usage of word will help a writer to explain each character’s role, nature and behavior and physical appearance in a better manner. 
6. Use different words and phrases for each character, so that it will help readers to imagine each character. 
7. Punctuate the entire conversation in a right manner. The dialogue or samvaad should contain punctuation so that it will clearly explain the entire scene. 
8. Last but not least, the format and style of writing is the key of good dialogue writing.